World Motorcycles is a company that specializes solely
in the restoration of sandcast Honda CB750’s

Mr. Soichiro Honda started a 4 cylinder revolution back in 1969, with his “King of Motorcycles” The CB750 featured a transverse in line 4 cylinder 736 cc engine, that produced 67 horsepower, and a top speed of 125 miles per hour. It also came with an electric starter and a disc brake!

The first 7000 or so CB750’s that came off the factory assembly line in Japan back in 1969, had engine cases that were cast in sand. Later engines were die cast which enabled efficiencies in production. One of few problems that these excellent motorcycles experienced, was “throwing” or breaking chains. This was due to their high horsepower, relative to the strength of the early chains. What often resulted from the chain breaking, was irreparable damage to the sandcast cases. Unfortunately many of these early sandcast engines have long since been destroyed. Very few remain, and those that do command high prices. BTW, we have solved this chain issue using a modern (looks exactly the same) drive chain that can withstand triple the CB750's horsepower.

World Motorcycles has spent the past 25 years procuring a handful of these rare machines of both low and mid-range serial numbers as candidates to be restored to 100 point concours condition.

When we say restore, we mean just that. We are not talking about just painting an old CB750, and throwing on a few later superseded parts. Our standards are extremely high, and a complete restoration takes a long time with a lot of painstaking attention to detail. Our restorations are complete frame up rebuilds of every nut and bolt, using only NOS (new OLD stock) Honda parts that are true to the year the bike was manufactured. The engines are also completely rebuilt, once again using only the correct NOS parts. (For those of you that are true sandcast CB750 devotees, you know that just obtaining the true NOS 1969 parts is a feat in and of itself.)

We take those parts and assemble a dream. The restored bike will look virtually identical to the legendary machines that rolled off the line in Japan in 1969. They will come complete with period correct Dunlop tires, NOS gauges (showing zero miles), NOS keys, NOS Honda touch-up paint, an original shop manual, an original owner's manual, and approximately 475 other NOS parts. Now you can own a piece of motorcycle history.

The price for one of these motorcycles is $45,000.00 FOB San Francisco

Please use this email address if you would like to purchase one of these fine machines. Or, feel free to call us. Please be SURE to leave your name, address and phone number. Please Note: I CANNOT restore YOUR motorcycle. These are vehicles I purchased for this sole purpose long ago. Thank you!

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